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Lion's Fundraising

Our Athletic Department relies upon the kindness of others to help us acomplish our goals and provide for our student athletes in the best way possible. 

Our fundraising opportunities are constantly changing. Below you will find the fundraisers that we are currently running. If you have an idea you would like to pitch. Please feel free to reach out below and schedule a meeting with our Athletic Director. 
Available Fundraisers
Banner Sales

Interested in purchasing a banner for your business. Our banners are placed along Lyons road in the heart of Boca Raton. A great advertising opportunity for any local business.

Marquee Sales

We are lucky enough to have a state of the art digital marquee at the front of our school. have your ad run 24/7. 365. A digital billboard at the price of a single newspaper ad. 

Pop Up Reasurant

We will be holding our first annual pop up restaurant this year! All profits will benefit the OH athletic Department. Check back for more updates on this exciting event.

General Donations

Every Penny Counts, If you would like to donate to a specific program or even just to our general athletic department. You can do it here. 

Sponsor an Athlete

All athletes are required to pay $75 per person per school year in order to participate in sports. (Insurance Payment) Not all athletes can afford this charge. Every dollar helps. 

Talent Show

We will be hosting the first annual Athletic Department talent show, Tickets are available HERE. (Not for sale yet ) ( Date TBD )

Needed Supplies
Tackle Ring
Water Boy
Volley Ball Box
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